jet skiing at lake anna

Must Do Water Sports

Adrenaline-Pumping Activities on Lake Anna

By Arielle Patterson

With miles of shoreline and wandering waterways, Lake Anna is a floating playground for adventure and excitement. Experience some of these thrilling water sports for a memorable time on the water.

Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Imagine being surrounded by nothing but tranquil waters and pristine landscapes, far away from the crowds, cars and technology. There are plenty of places to rent a kayak, canoe or SUP. Take a guided tour or explore the waterways on your own.

Waverunners and Jet Skis
If you are looking for an exciting day on the water, you can find waverunners and jet ski rentals around Lake Anna. Let the breeze blow through your hair as you hit speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Choose from one-, two- or three-person jet skis to take out into the open lake for some serious fun! 

Make a splash when you attach an innertube to your boat for tubing on Lake Anna. Innertubes come in different sizes, so you can fit more than one person and go for a ride with friends and family. This is one of the easiest watersports to try. All you have to do is let the boat driver know how fast you want to go and hang on tight for a fun ride across the water.

The most exhilarating views of Lake Anna can be found 800 feet above the sand and surf. Feel the rush of flying through the air. Parasailing adventures are both exciting and safe. You can fly single, double or even triple with one or two family members or friends.

Exercise persistent balance as you take on waves while your feet are bound to a board. Wakeboarding is a sport that involves a person being pulled by a boat while gliding through the water on a short, but wide, board. When you do master your balance, you can perform tricks such as an airborne, 180-degree turn.