Historic Attractions near Lake Anna

Here are some historic attractions near Lake Anna to visit.

Image from National Park Service/Buddy Secor

Discover Local History near Lake Anna

There’s a lot to see and do in the counties surrounding Lake Anna. From Lake Anna State Park and nearby amusement parks to outdoor activities, local restaurants and more, the Lake Anna area has something the whole family can enjoy. Another type of attraction the area is rich in is historic attractions. Discover the area’s history when you visit these attractions near Lake Anna.

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Historic Attractions near Lake Anna

Several online resources have downloadable maps with historic Civil War sites listed, allowing you to visit them at your leisure.

In Louisa County, historic sites are designated with a historical marker. These can be found throughout the county and explain a bit about the site you are viewing.

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Here are some historic attractions near Lake Anna to visit.

African American Heritage Trail

Spotsylvania is home to the African American Heritage Trail. Learn about the little-told history of the county’s enslaved men and women from the 1700s. This driving tour covers 75 miles through Spotsylvania’s countryside.

Download a brochure or use the interactive map to discover the sites you’ll see within the 407 square miles that are on the tour. As you drive, step out of your car to get a closer look at the historic sites, including the Little Mine Road Baptist Church, The Marshall Center and more.

Goodwin Gold Mine

Lake Anna State Park was once known as “Gold Hill.” Gold was first discovered on the land in 1829 leading to decades of gold mining.

Today, guests can visit Lake Anna State Park and take part in Stampmill Sam’s Gold Adventure. All ages will love becoming old-time prospectors and following in the footsteps of “Stampmill Sam.” On a guided tour, you’ll visit Goodwin Gold Mine and learn how gold was mined during the 1800s. You’ll also get a chance to pan for gold yourself.

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Less than an hour outside of Lake Anna is James Madison’s historic home, Montpelier. The beautiful estate, that was home to the fourth President of the United States, boasts not only the historic home but also beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens.

Take a guided tour of the home to learn more about President Madison and his wife Dolly. There are over eight miles of public walking trails that take you around the property’s gardens. Montpelier also has galleries and exhibits with exciting themes and artifact collections.

National Military Park

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania were some of America’s battlegrounds during the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. National Military Park boasts four major Civil War battlefields, historic buildings and more in the counties.

Take a guided tour with a park historian to learn more about the battles fought here and their significance. Self-guided driving tours are also available for one of the battlefields. Visit the death site of General Stonewall Jackson and the historic plantation home, Chatham.

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Spotsylvania Courthouse Historic District

Spotsylvania County is known as “the crossroads of the Civil War,” with the Spotsylvania Courthouse being the site of one of the bloodies fights of the war. The Battle of the Spotsylvania Court House marked the start to the fall of the Confederacy. Today, the Spotsylvania Courthouse District is designated as a Virginia Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Walk along the brick sidewalks lined with trees. Take some time to learn about the historic significance of the Spotsylvania Courthouse, Spotsylvania County Museum, Spotsylvania Jail 1855 and more, all located within this historic district.

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