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Mattaponi Winery


The history of Spotsylvania has inspired Mattaponi Winery to bring forth and share with generations to come, the beginning events about the settlers and the Native American Indians in our area.

The name comes from the four rivers in Spotsylvania County, Virginia: Mat, Ta, Po, and Ni, which forms the Mattaponi River. The name "Mattaponi" has been used in history to name the Indian tribe once ruled by Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas' father.

In the beginning, the Native American Indians showed the settlers how to survive on these berries, and today we would like to present to you these same delightful berries of Virginia as a wine. Come to our charming log cabin and relax with others with the perfect blend of our Award-Winning and Specialty wines.

We have used the Virginia Algonquin language to name some of our wines, which is the Native American Indian language that was almost lost until you took a taste in time. Come join us and take a journey in history with our New World of Wines at Mattaponi Winery.

Our Beginnings

We are a small family-owned winery in the heart of Spotsylvania County, with a passion for making a variety of wonderful wines for over 20 years.  Originally, our log cabin was built by our family and friends, as we started a Christmas tree farm working with the National Forestry Department.  The perfectly shaped White Pine and Norway Spruce trees will be for sell in the months of November and December between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  After you pick your tree, come in and warm up with a warm glass of mulled-spice strawberry wine or hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

Michael Evans

Mike Evans is the wine maker for Mattaponi Winery.  His extensive knowledge and passion of perfection comes from generations of wine makers within his family, which provided him the exposure to wine.  Each new wine experience with the aromas and flavors to the life of art and science gives him enthusiasm with endless discoveries.

Janette Evans

Janette Evans is the Founder of Mattaponi Winery.  With the help and gracious support of her family and friends, the dream became reality.  A twelve year cancer survivor, she is interested in supporting the Avon Cancer Foundation with the super fruit wine Mattaponi Winery produces called Tibik-Kizismin, known as the blueberry wine.  She supports the Sierra Club, The Alliance, to save the Mattaponi River.  She helped FACETS' Fundraiser for the homeless in Fairfax County; and works closely with the Thurman-Brisben Center in Fredericksburg. Greater challenges and opportunities awaits her as Mattaponi Winery continues to grow.