Lake Anna tubing

Lake Anna Water Sports

Lake Anna Quenches Your Thirst for Adventure with these Diverse Water Sports

By Robert Enriquez​

Cool breezes brush your face as warm sand slowly massages your toes on a sunny Virginia day. Water splashing on the beach shore, skipping rocks and building sand castles once brought us satisfaction. As we have gotten older, there is a deeper thirst for adventure that shallow water can no longer quench. We were once warned not to go too deep in the water by our parents, but now that the grip of parental consent has loosened, let’s explore what these deep waters have to offer.


Watch your skis seemingly consume water as it goes in and out of wakes. Waterskiing is a sport involving two—or one—skis where the rider glides on the water while being pulled by a boat. From cannonballs to chairs, these are a few of the positions you may find yourself in while enjoying this activity. Waterskiing is an activity driven by momentum; therefore, if you try to go over a wake slowly, look out for a sure fall.


Exercise persistent balance as you take on artificial waves while your feet are bound to a board. Wakeboarding is a sport that involves a person being pulled by a boat while gliding through the water on a short, but wide board. The bad news is that when you can’t find balance, your board may slowly sink because you may have stood up too quickly. The good news is that when you do master your balance, you can perform tricks such as an airborne, 180-degree turn.


Voyage the beautiful waters … while on your knees. Kneeboarding is yet another sport that involves a boat pulling the rider on a board; however, it is all while in a kneeling position. Expect to use your knees and a strong grip on your tow rope to guide your balance. Once you are on your board at a comfortable and proper kneeling posture, try some brave tricks like kneeboarding backwards or turning an entire 360 degrees while crossing over a wake.


Slide on the sea’s surface as you sit snugly on an inflatable tube. Water tubing is an activity that doesn’t require much skill. Rather, it involves an inflatable tube of various sizes that is then pulled by a boat. With tubing, the boat’s tow rope is tied to the inflatable tube. In contrast to other water sports, where the device is attached to the boat, there are no ropes for the rider to grip. Now that you’re hands free—though you may choose to hold on to the tube’s handles—the only things you are responsible for are wearing a life vest and having fun!

Lake Anna tubing


Master the physics of the wind in your sail. Windsurfing is a sport involving a person riding the water with the help of strong winds pulling a board with a sail. Here, there is no boat pulling you; your only motor is Mother Nature. You literally will go where the wind takes you. However, once you master the skill and gain experience, you will find ways to control the influence of the wind’s momentum.

Barefoot Skiing

Feel the water fill your feet and tickle your toes as you find yourself literally standing on deep waters. Barefoot skiing is a sport where a person is riding the water on bare feet while being pulled by a boat. Be sure to sit in your imaginary chair if you don’t want the friction of the water to rob you of your balance. When you find your balance, try some tricks like riding the water with one foot.


Fly above the water as your ski’s foil slices through the sea. Hydrofoiling is a sport that involves a person riding the water on a unique sit-down ski while being pulled by a boat. First, sit on your ski while using the wakes to your advantage. Then, create momentum through constant dipping of your ski’s foil into the wakes. Surf over wakes, or if you dip far enough, jump completely over wakes.

Kayaking & SUP

Travel the calm waters and take in all the beauty around the shores of Lake Anna. Kayaking is a popular way to traverse the lake, but stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great way to get around while giving your body a full exercise. SUP is a sport where one stands on a surfboard-like board—sizes vary—then travels through the water using a paddle. No, this is not as dynamic as surfing Goliath waves. Instead, expect a smooth ride that is dictated by your form and physical energy. Everything from your forward movement to your turns is dependent on your knees, torso and the side from which you paddle. 

Lake Anna paddleboarding


Ride the waves without having to wait for nature’s winds. Wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding. However, the tow rope, which the rider begins with, is eventually dropped. While the rope is present, it is only there to get you started; the rest of the ride continues from you shredding in and out the wakes. If you gain enough speed and momentum, enjoy a 360-degree turn or get some air by jumping the wake. 


Breathe in the birds’ air as you sit and soar over the sea. Parasailing is an activity where one glides through the air attached to a parachute while being pulled by a boat. Because of the harness and the boat crew’s constant control over the ride, there is no real skill necessary to enjoy this sport. All you need to do is bask in this beautiful view of the blue sky as it meets the blue sea for one leisurely ride.