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sunset on the docks

Spend a Day on the Water

Your Guide to Boating on Lake Anna

By Arielle Patterson

With over 200 miles of shoreline, Lake Anna is the ideal spot for boaters to cruise freely on the water. Visit one of the local boat rental companies or marinas to rent a pontoon boat, jet ski, deck boat or fishing boat to have your own unforgettable boating experience. You’ll quickly discover that there are so many ways to spend the day out on the water. Cast a line into Lake Anna just as the sun begins to peek out over the horizon. The striper, wiper and largemouth bass are waiting to be reeled in by eager anglers at dawn.

As the sun shines and the whole family awakens, treat them to one of the thrilling watersports available on Lake Anna. All ages will love soaring across the water in an inner tube. Or, for a more relaxing experience, dock your boat and simply lounge under the sunrays or take a dip.

Fire up the grill for dinner as the sun begins to set over Lake Anna. A picnic-packed meal is the perfect way to wind down your day on the water. Or keep the fun going when you pull up your boat to the dock of a local bar or restaurant. There, you can catch up with friends and cool down with an ice-cold beverage.

Lake Anna is the second-largest lake located entirely in Virginia, meaning there are plenty of places to explore by boat. Fuel up the tank and then watch the dock disappear on the horizon as you jet away and let yourself discover.

Pleasants Landing is a one-of-a-kind recreation area located Lake Anna. This 12-acre peninsula has panoramic views of the south end of the lake, as well as room for several activities. Rent a boat or a jet ski for fun on the water or attend one of the exciting summer events, like movie night, a concert or a festival.

Over time, salt has built up naturally in the middle of Lake Anna. This created a sandbar submerged in waist-deep water at the mouth of Gold Mine Creek. The Sandbar is now a destination for locals and guests who are in the know. This unique hangout is perfect for grilling, playing water volleyball or just enjoying a drink with friends and family. Make sure you turn your engine to idle when you get close to this awesome destination. 

Behind the islands in Boggs Creek and across from the North Anna Power Station lie a chain of islands that locals call “the Bahamas” and are perfect for swimming, grilling, playing games, hanging out with friends or just relaxing. Soak up the sun or take a walk and enjoy the sand between your toes. “The Bahamas” has been considered one of the nicest beaches Lake Anna has because it is a secret haven.

When the North Anna Power Station uses water from Lake Anna, that water is returned slightly warmer than when it was taken out. Venture out to one of Lake Anna’s cooling lagoons and experience these warm temperatures, which are typically 14 degrees warmer than typical lake water. May-October is the peak season for recreational use of the lagoons because that’s when the water temperature is at its highest. 

Boater Safety

The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries is a helpful resource for those planning on boating while in Lake Anna. Download their free Watercraft Owner’s Guide to learn the rules of the water. Here are more safety tips to consider when boating on Lake Anna.

  • There must be one wearable United State Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person on the boat. If not worn, the life jacket needs to be readily accessible to passengers.
  • When renting a boat, check for all state mandated safety equipment such as: life jackets, fire extinguishers, visual distress signals and more.
  • “No Wake” is defined as the slowest possible speed required to maintain steerage and headway. Be sure to heed all regulatory markers, especially “no wake” zones under bridges.
  • Take note of the names of bridges, lake landmarks, dock signs and island signs to help identify your position at all times.

While on the lake, pay attention to these buoy markers and be careful in areas where you find them:

  • Orange with a Circle is a control buoy. These indicate speed limits, wash restrictions and more. Obey the restrictions illustrated within the orange circle.
  • Orange with a Diamond is a hazard buoy. These mark random hazards like shoals and rocks.
  • Orange with a Crossed Diamond is a keep-out buoy. These designate the areas where boats are prohibited. This can be swimming areas, the power station or the dam.



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