Historic Attractions near Lake Anna

Image from National Park Service/Buddy Secor Discover Local History near Lake Anna There’s a lot to see and do in the counties surrounding Lake Anna. From Lake Anna State Park and nearby amusement parks to outdoor activities, local restaurants and more, the Lake Anna area has something the... More
Spotsylvania, Virginia

Day Trip: Spotsylvania

Find Your Historic, Adventure and Relaxation Spots in Spotsylvania​ As you explore Spotsylvania, you can expect to find a diverse mix of rich history, outdoor recreation and one-of-a-kind activities surrounded by beautiful rural landscapes. Conveniently located directly off Interstate 95,... More
Lake Anna spring

Things to Do this Spring at Lake Anna

Spend Your Spring Break at Lake Anna Spring Break is the perfect time of year for all ages to visit Lake Anna. Whether you’re a family with children, a group of teenagers or young adults, this scenic destination has something for every interest. You’ll find countless things to do during your... More
Lake Anna State Park, things to do at Lake Anna State Park, Lake Anna State Park activities

Lake Anna State Park

Image from Virginia State Parks Outdoor Activities Abound at Lake Anna State Park A trip to Lake Anna is sure to be filled with some fun in the water and on the sandy beach. While you’re here, don’t forget to spend a day—or two—at nearby Lake Anna State Park. Pan for gold, take a stroll along... More
Louisa County, Virginia

Day Trip: Louisa County

Images and editorial from Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Small Town – Big Charm Located in the heart of Central Virginia, less than an hour from Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg, Louisa County is a four-season region touted in both rural beauty and historical charm.... More
lake anna Dining

Restaurants near Lake Anna

Serving Up Delectable Dishes at Your Lakeside Table There’s lots of history in and around Lake Anna. Something that is sure to go down in history is one of the delicious meals you’ll have on your visit. Let the local menus tempt your taste buds with options ranging from fresh seafood to handmade... More
Lake Anna year round

Four Seasons in Lake Anna

Lake Anna is Lively Year-Round If you’re planning a visit to beautiful Lake Anna, you may think that the only time is during the warm-weather months. Lake equals water. Water equals swimming, boating and other water ventures usually available when the weather is toasty. However, Lake Anna is a... More

Welcome to Lake Anna

Welcome to Lake Anna—the third largest lake in the state of Virginia and your ideal vacation spot! Located in Central Virginia and surrounded by the counties of Louisa, Spotsylvania and Orange, Lake Anna has not only grown into a popular place to vacation, but the area is also becoming a highly... More

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Lake Anna bike trails
May 14, 2019
Explore the Area Around Lake Anna by Bike Lake Anna’s proximity to a number of cities and towns gives cycling enthusiast and bike riders of all skill levels an opportunity to explore new sights and the area’s natural setting. Instead of hopping in your car and driving around, strap on...
Central Virginia beer, wine and spirits
May 15, 2019
Image from Lake Anna Winery Make Your Own Virginia Beer, Wine and Spirits Tasting Trail Virginia’s craft beverage scene is booming, especially in the cities surrounding Lake Anna. Sip, savor and discover some of Virginia’s best beer, wine and spirits for yourself along your own...
Things to do near Lake Anna
May 14, 2019
Have Fun Away from the Lake Lake Anna offers visitors the perfect lakeside vacation. But if you want to stray from our shoreline, you may be asking this question: “What is there to do at Lake Anna?” History, fun, excitement—Lake Anna and nearby areas have something for even the...
Virginia farmers markets near Lake Anna
July 19, 2019
Shop Locally at a Farmers Market near Lake Anna The counties and cities surrounding Lake Anna provide plenty of fun for a quick day trip. When you’re visiting these scenic areas, be sure to stop by a local farmers market. Many of these farmers markets are year-round and feature a...
November 7, 2018
By Barrett Baker Extending Your Space Beyond the Water’s Edge A dock or boathouse is an extension of your lakefront property, not only providing you with a place to safely pull, secure and store your boat(s) out of the water, but also to provide you with a way to have access to the...
Kings Dominion
August 19, 2019
Images from Kings Dominion Experience All the Fun at Kings Dominion Lake Anna is conveniently located to a number of Central Virginia’s most popular activities and attractions. No matter what time of year, there’s never a bad time to visit one of Virginia’s premier themed amusement...

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